Tri-Therapy info on Sound/Music Therapy:

Sound therapy focuses on balancing energy to treat a condition. Advocates maintain that sound therapy is effective in treating such conditions as stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, and autism. One of these therapies is music therapy, which can involve a person listening to music for conditions such as stress and muscle tension. In general, this therapy is based on the theory that all of life vibrates, including people's bodies. When a person's healthy resonant frequency is out of balance, physical and emotional health is affected.

​​Ashiatsu - Barefoot Massage

​90 Min Session -  100.00

​Sound Therapy - Tuning Fork,s Tibetan & Crystal Bowls & African Drums (Contact for pricing)

​​​Body Treatments​​

Brown Sugar Glow Scrub/Wrap/Polish

​Herbal Exfoliating Salt Scrub/Wrap/Polish

​Mineral Slimming Wrap

​Body Contouring Sessions

$90 & up**
​Herbal Ionic Foot Detox + Reflexology

​Brazilian Nut Sugar Foot Scrub + Reflexology


​All body treatments are 60-75 min

*Excludes the Mineral wrap & Body contouring sessions that are 75 min-90 min.

Body scrubs are applied to the body, then you are wrapped for 15 min.  After 15 min, you are unwrapped, cleaned with hot towels and then oil/polish is applied with Swedish massage. 


**This body treatment is limited to specific areas and requires additional treatments for optimal results.

​​​Massage Therapy

Elevated 30 Min. Stretch Session

Elevated 45 Min. Stretch Session
Elevated Customized 120 Min. Massage
Elevated Customized 90 Min. Massage*
Elevated Customized 60 Min. Massage*


Elevated Couples 60 Min. Massage

Elevated Hot Stone Massage Add-On
Elevated Foot Scrub Add-on

​KT Taping Session - 30 Min


Specializing in Corrective bodywork, Reflexology, Self-Care Help, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular(NMT) and *Tri-Therapy

  Other modalities;
​Swedish                Geriatric​          Thai Stretching
Pre-Natal              Chair                Hot Stone

Craniosacral    Sports           Polarity
​Myofascial Release   Lymphatic Drainage

Chair Massage 15 Min

​$1.00 Min ( 5-15 Add on Minutes)

Mobile Appointments

​Setup/travel fee $50.00 + Service Price

(excludes specials)
Mobile Events

$60.00 Hr.+ Setup/travel fee $50.00 per therapist

*Call for monthly rates  ​​

*Monthly Specials offered for this therapy session

Special Feature:

NuBody Stretch + Massage - $85

​$15 off 90 Min. Customized Session

**All Therapy sessions are customized to the clients personal needs. Any practicing modality can be performed. Most popular massage modalities are Swedish, Deep Tissue and Reflexology.  Upon booking appointment, you will discuss your session choices and expectations. Upon arrival for your appt. you will fill out a client intake form and go over therapist instructions and any further questions you may have.

Gratuities are not included but greatly appreciated! Thank you for choosing us for your wellness services!